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You can always control what goes on inside

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The Women’s Empowerment Series: A Journey Towards Healing and Empowerment

The Women’s Empowerment Series: A Journey Towards Healing and Empowerment

Join us on a transformative journey towards healing and empowerment for women at "The Women Empowerment Series"!
Learn to Meditate – a 5 days Free course – in person or online

Learn to Meditate – a 5 days Free course – in person or online

Beginners Meditation course for 5 days, one hour each day in the evening.
World Peace Meditation Hour – Online free event

World Peace Meditation Hour – Online free event

Let's Meditate for the World peace and spread peaceful vibrations through Guided World Peace Meditation.
It’s Time… with Sister Shivani – Oklahoma City event

It’s Time… with Sister Shivani – Oklahoma City event

Get ready to be inspired and uplifted by Sister Shivani in person—it's time for a transformative evening!
World Peace Meditation Hour – Online free event

World Peace Meditation Hour – Online free event

Let's Meditate for the World peace and spread peaceful vibrations through Guided World Peace Meditation.


After trying different meditation practices from different foundations, I could relate to Bramha Kumaris the most. Since the practice of raja yoga is preformed with eyes open and deals with energies, vibrations it becomes practical to apply in every situation. Main emphasis is on the spiritual knowledge and concepts which gives you depth and understanding towards every situation, makes you feel self sufficient and prepared. My approach towards life has changed a lot, I have learnt how to be stable in every situation and balance out the energies. The teacher at the center is really knowledgeable and always helpful, I feel blessed to have found this teaching practice at such early age of my life.

Surbhi Vishwakarma

I loved my experience with the Brahma Kumaris meditation center. I came because I was looking to try meditation as a way to deal with some stressors in my life, but I discovered that this center is much more than that. I initially called them to see when they were open and they asked me to come in the same day to learn more.
The person that runs this center, Sister Bindu, is one of the most calm souls I have ever met. Meditation is just one part of what she teaches. She also teaches us how to observe, be aware of, and control our thoughts which ultimately influence our behaviors and productivity. She does this via well organized classes.
Each class lasts an hour or so, and she teaches with posters, powerpoints, and guided meditations. She also tells us stories and encourages us to ask questions and put what we learn into practice. I find myself thinking about the things she has taught me through out the day.
Since attending the beginner meditation class, I feel much more positive and mentally strong than I used to be. I have learned to not take things personally, and I am learning to preserve my energy by stopping the cycle of overthinking. My friends and family have also noticed a significant change in me. My relationships with them have improved and I feel more stable.
I have only taken the introductory class so far, I am eager to continue with the intermediate and advanced classes.
This is much more than a meditation center. Sister Bindu teaches you how to manage stress and how to develop mental peace regardless of the situation. These teachings are priceless and life changing. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to check them out.

Veena Gujju

Lovely souls, and teachings that help tremendously. Beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, I highly recommend coming here to learn, grow, and surround yourself with a healthy, warm and loving community.


This Meditation Center here in Oklahoma is a wonderful place to meditate. Whenever the stresses of modern life become a bit too much I know that when I leave the center I feel more charged and optimistic and ready for the world outside. The lectures taught in the advanced classes provide guidance for applying ethical values and virtues into your daily lives. This is not an ordinary meditation class where you attend a class for an hour and then return to your normal lives unchanged. Raja Yoga is a powerful system that provides you with the knowledge, the teachers, and the environment to promote peace within yourself and shows you how to apply it to your daily lives.
The Brahma Kumaris provides me with the tools and daily spiritual guidance to become a master of my mind and intellect. As my awareness increases, I discover how much of my thought, beliefs, and habits have been unconsciously influenced by the physical world around me and I can now choose to separate my identity from the labels of the body, and the roles that I play in this world.
People can live an OK life without this knowledge or without consciously being aware of how their thoughts, words, and actions affects their selves and the others in the world.
Once you have completed this course you will then have the knowledge to transform yourself into your higher self.
This is a great place to meditate and learn.

Brian H

When I attended my first course here, I was a beginner at meditation. From there, I started coming for weekly meditation sessions. This is a great place to learn more about meditation and finding inner peace. I learn more and more each time I come. It’s a very comfortable environment. I mainly appreciate the opportunity for me to ask questions anytime I don’t understand something.

Ashley S

Oklahoma Center of BK is indeed doing a noble service to people. My experience has been absolutely enlightening. Raja Yoga meditation and the knowledge that is imparted through this center is something to be experienced.
Transition from Devotion to Knowledge and Soul Consciousness is a turning point for any human, I am so blessed to seek that guidance from BK center. Some of the fundamental questions : Who am I, Impact of Karma on one’s life, What is the path to God, and Who is God have deep answers in the teachings at BK.
My experience, attending meditation classes has manifested in the form of removal of fear of death, and making me aware that I am a soul and have to learn to detach from body consciousness and has helped me immensely to enhance and elevate my outlook to life and people around me and respect the sprit of service that i have been learning at Brahmakumari’s. I also want to record my deepest appreciation and respect to Sister Bindu at Oklahoma center for her selfless service and daily classes that has begun a life changing experience for me. Thank you sister.

Guruprasad Sowle

If you are looking for your higher self, this is the place 🙂
I took online meditation class from sister Bindu. I am currently doing my intermediate class with her. She is so knowledge full and I can sense the divinity in her work. I can’t put in words how blessed & happy I (the soul) feel to be a part of Raj Yoga meditation. I express my heartfelt gratitude to her entire team. Thank you guys for all your selfless seva❤️
Definitely recommend to anyone curious in meditation.


I’m going through a life changing event & they were able to help me calm my mind. I’ve actually been able to sleep at night when I wasn’t able to before. They’re focused on healing the soul & finding your true self which is what I’ve been searching for. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having any type of life issues & feel like they don’t know how to cope or are feeling overwhelmed

Chan S

Peaceful setting, powerful message how positive thought affects the health of our minds and bodies and will protect us from the outside negativity and that positive thought will vibrate out to affect the world in a positive way. Their slogan, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Cynthia Ellis

Wonderful teachings for deeper peace and tranquillity. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth M.

“When we change our world inside and the world outside changes.”
Brahma Kumaris, with its spiritual headquarters in Mount Abu, India, comprises a worldwide network of centres in more than 110 countries and is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) of the United Nations accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

“When we change our world inside, the world outside changes.”

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Experience The Healing Power of Silence - BK Jayanti - 4/4


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