Raja Yoga Meditation

A Journey of
Self Discovery,
Self Empowerment &
Self Transformation…

Impact of Meditation on Health

Meditation has immense benefits for all as it requires no special equipment. It is very easy to learn and practice and is not at all time consuming. One of the most widely known benefits of meditation is reduced stress. It may not reduce the number of urgencies or pressure of reaching targets, but the reaction of one’s brain and body is less intense and it takes less time to recover and doesn’t linger on the sidelines.

When you’re less stressed, your nervous system is less likely to over-react, less likely to be hyper vigilant to potential “threats.” You’re less defensive, and better able to hear and respond. Under threat, we’re geared to quickly -and without much thinking — fight, flee, or freeze. With challenge, we see an increase in the brain’s ability to pull ideas together and come up with informed, balanced solutions.

​Meditation helps to bridge the gap between thinking and feeling and helps protect you from the dangers of having either your emotions or your intellect become a runaway horse. With meditation you get more attuned to what’s going on inside you, instead of being on “autopilot” or in a distracted-reactive mode. It allows you to be more attuned to yourself and your experiences allow you to have greater understanding and empathy for yourself.

Some of the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of meditation are: