Who Are We?

The Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual movement that started in the 1930s with the deep spiritual awakening of a special soul who was later spiritually named “Brahma”. Along with him, many other women and men joined this journey of deep inner transformation and empowerment. The light that ignited each soul was a very deep, powerful, and authentic spiritual knowledge that was able to dispel all the darkness of blind faith, some old belief systems, and wrong self-identity. This enabled a very powerful deep connection with the Supreme Power, the Supreme Soul which empowered the souls through a process of easy meditation called Raja Yoga Meditation.

What WE Do?

The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center located in Oklahoma City, serves to connect each individual with their true authentic inner self and their original innate values and powers. We work with individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds to uplift their inner potential to transform. Transformation often seems a struggle and more so because of lack of clarity and soul power. The meditation technique we teach is Raja Yoga Meditation, which is a knowledge based meditation that will help one tap into their higher self and experience peace. The meditation involves 3 steps of Self Realization, Self Empowerment and Self Transformation. The empowerment process and mental clarity helps individuals bring easy changes in life. 

We offer monthly meditation courses from beginners to intermediate to advanced levels, guided meditations sessions, meditation courses in spanish, living values classes for kids, mindful cooking classes,  self development sessions, community events and more…

We hold sessions in various cities at libraries, community centers, yoga studios in all the 3 states we serve- Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas.
Our sessions are in person and online and all our offerings are free as a community service.