“Mind your Mind”

The phrase “mind your mind” is often used as a reminder to be conscious and aware of our thoughts, emotions, and mental state. It suggests paying attention to our mind’s activities, thoughts, and the quality of our consciousness.
One needs to cultivate self-awareness. By being mindful of our thoughts and feelings, we can better understand ourselves and make conscious choices in our actions and reactions. Managing our thoughts play a vital role. Negative or unproductive thinking can impact our emotions and behavior, so being mindful of our mental patterns allows us to shift our focus to more positive and constructive thoughts. This is purification of the mind by letting go of negative, impure, and ego-driven thoughts. This process of mental detoxification is seen as essential for spiritual growth and transformation. It also involves taking care of our mental and emotional well-being. This may include practices such as meditation, mindfulness, or other techniques that promote a calm and centered state of mind. Being aware of our mental state helps in recognizing and managing stress. By monitoring our thoughts and reactions, we can work towards reducing stress and promoting a more balanced and peaceful mindset. By aligning our thoughts with higher values, we can establish a deeper connection with the Divine. This connection brings peace, love, and spiritual power into one’s life. The practice of mindfulness and self-awareness is viewed as a means to transform consciousness. As individuals become more aware of their thoughts and elevate their consciousness, they can experience positive changes in their attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.”Mind your mind” is a reminder to be present in the moment, understand your thought processes, and take proactive steps to maintain a healthy and positive mental state.


The Holy Swan

In mythology, birds and animals are frequently used to spiritually symbolize the traits, specialties and behaviors of human souls. Among them is the “swan” or “hansa”. It is said that the swan has the specialty of choosing only pearls if pebbles and pearls are put together. Another fact about the mythical swan is that it can separate milk from a mixture of milk and water. A swan symbolizes purity and divinity. Many of the gurus add the word “hansa” to their names like Rama Krishna Paramahansa, Paramahansa Yogananda- symbolizing their pure elevated stage. The vehicle for Brahma and Saraswati is also shown as a swan. In fact, they don’t ride on a swan but they have a swan intellect, a pure and divine intellect. There is a mention of “Hansa Ksheera Nyaya”. Hansa meaning the swan, Ksheera refers to milk and Nyaya meaning judgement which means that hansa- the swan, has the ability to discern right from the wrong. A holy swan represents a human soul with a pure divine intellect. Such a soul constantly picks up the jewels of knowledge given by the Supreme Soul, the Supreme teacher and uses this knowledge to discern wasteful and powerful. Such an intellect is clean and such cleanliness is purity that is not influenced by any Impurity in awareness, attitude, thoughts, words, deeds and vibrations. If there is any waste that would not be called completely clean. Therefore, by keeping the intellect constantly clean with spiritual knowledge at every moment, there won’t be any waste and this purity will become power for the soul.

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